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Experts In Fine Art and Art Education

Terrell Arts DC is a family based art business specializing in fine art, curating and art education.  Led by artists Zsudayka Nzinga and James Terrell, Terrell Arts DC strives to create opportunities for the community to interface with fine art.  TADC provides fine artwork for gallery and museum exhibition, creates and curates arts exhibitions and special events and provides resources for artists, budding artists, art educators and homeschool families.

We use our art and our backgrounds teaching art to uplift the community.  We host youth art competitions and exhibitions, create public art, engage in politics and community improvement, host painting events, live paint at events and much more.

What's Coming up for
Terrell Arts DC


Congratulations James S. Terrell on winning the Washington Award!

We are very excited to announce that James Terrell is one of the winners of the Washington Award for excellence in visual arts.  He will receive a free studio space for one year to explore and expand his art practice.  We are very proud of him and can't wait to see how this residency grows and changes him as an artist.

opening for
Zsudayka Nzinga


Coming of age has always focused on a protagonist transitioning from teens to early adulthood. This exhibition challenges viewers to re engage the aging process as a system of cycles we return too.  Although older, 39 represents the doorway to a sort of coming of age.  It is an intimate exploration of the mind of an artist, mother, wife and Black woman; a glimpse into how she sees herself and the world around her told through the lens of a studio visit.  Based on large scale self portraits taken by Mariah Miranda and Underwood photography, the artist brings us into her studio to show the work behind the stories of the paintings and shares glimpses of things she is thinking about and how it comes out in her work.

Support Zsudayka Nzinga get her masters degree in painting

We are pleased to announce that Zsudayka Nzinga has been accepted to MICA (Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art) to pursue a masters degree in painting from the esteemed Leroy Hoffenberger School of Painting.  This is one of the top graduate programs in the country.  It is highly competitive.  As a self taught artist, Zsudayka is honored to be able to pursue this degree.  She wants to learn more about writing through the lenses of art critique to continue to develop narratives of culture and contribute on an academic level to sources exploring Black American cultural practices.

Zsudayka recieved 2 scholarships to pay for a large portion of her education.  But she needs your support.  When speaking to other artists who have gone through these programs while having families, a common theme was ask for help.  We want to ask our supporters, collectors and patrons to lend some support.  Many of you have been watching her career for decades and wanted to support but didnt know how.  This is your chance!

We are offering a limited edition catalogue featuring the work from her series The Many Rooms.  Zsudayka is a great writer, and has written essays about the 30 plus pieces, collected several interviews with subject who were featured in the series, poetry about 2020-2022, recipes from food featured in the works, and a personal glimpse into the creative process via photos and videos!  There will also be full color photos of each piece.

Each catalogue will be signed and numbered and come with an exclusive certificate of authenticity.  There will only be one printing and there are only a limited number of copies that will be made.  This book will hold value for you just like an original painting.  We are investing in you in exchange for your investment in Zsudayka.

The Many Rooms limited edition catalogue is $500.  You can make payments, but all orders must be paid in full by September 15, 2023.  Catalogues will ship beginning October 1, 2023.

To obtain an invoice for purchase, please fill out the form.

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